Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Its been months sent my last post..Let me catch you all up, To see what I been up too!!

I got my doctorate of Modeling in June 2012 from the University of CWS!

 ❤ Crown Winner Ms Universe 2012 ❤
Winner of Most Photogenic in Ms Calendar
Winner of  Ms Internationl Logo
Winner of Most Photogenic in Ms Hollywood
Winner of Most Photogenic in Ms Hot & sexy body
Winner of Ms June 2012 Calendar
Winner of Hot Beach Logo
I am also a Diamond Style Model
And I am

 Flow Magazine Print Model...This just names a few things that I been up too..Sorry I have not posted here in almost a year, I have been so busy as a model and it takes up most of my time.. I absolutely love my job! I get to be  creative  all day and night..More to come soon!


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