Tuesday, June 18, 2013

COC 5th Challenge

Liberty steps into her Fantasy, making her way into the huatulco jungle.( Liberty interpretation of the jungle book, I have always loved the movie and book) 
As she begins her journey , she hears a light hissing sound she turns her head and notices a black mambo python, slithering up her left arm she beings to feel hypnotized by the sinuous touch of his smooth scales against her soft skin and embraces the serpentine as he wraps himself around her shoulders.As Liberty makes her way through the brush, She hears a grunt, and suddenly turns around and notices she is being approached by a mysterious black panther. She being to panic as he gazes into her deep brown eyes. Liberty suddenly becomes intrigued by his black velvet mane and his impervious demeanor. Liberty slowly steps closer to the feline,but suddenly becomes distracted by a thunderous sound in the distance.

Liberty becomes curious about the rhythm of the beet, she then motions the panther to follow her. As the sun being to set she stumbles upon a waterfall only to discover enchanted oasis.Instantly a climactic feeling rushes through her veins, she then becomes possessed, the serpentine hisses and the panther lets out a loud roar and Liberty becomes united with the creatures of the huatulco jungle and miraculous converts into a Goddess resembling a peacock.
Ash's Trash / Epic silk Top with silk bottom, silk skirt and stones
[MC] Pin Up Make Up Tattoo Layer-Pacific
>TRUTH< hair Kathy Streaked - crow
::TGIS:: Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection
26A - Makeup Design - Mask blue
Flapping peacock feathers wings teal, From Be Enchanted 
Persefona Peacock - Green Earrings, From PERSEFONA
Tukinowaguma Suvi Feather head dress
{TT}~~Beautiful Eyelashes~~PEACOCK
Peacock ring, necklace and belly-ring set, from SHINE CREATIONS
Shelly Laufer Peacock [Gold] heels

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